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SESSION A1 – room 5
Potentials and limitations in circular economy
Chair / Presidente: R.Cossu (IT)

J. Fellner, J. Lederer, D. Laner (AT)
Potentials and limitations of a circular economy with respect to primary raw material demand

H.P.H. Arp, G. Okkenhaug, N. Morin, S.E. Hale, A.R. Almas, F. Wania, K. Breivik, Sparrevik, P. Anderson (NO)
Are we recycling toxic waste in the circular economy?

C. Cole, T. Cooper (GB)
Consumer decisions determining reuse and product lifetimes

P. Fetsis (BE)
LIFE & Circular Economy

13:00 – 15:00   Lunch


SESSION B1 – room 6
Strategies for WEEE Management and spent batteries
Chair / Presidente: K. Shih (HK)

P. Nowakowski (PL)
A proposal to improve e-waste collection efficiency in urban mining: container loading and vehicle routing problems

A. Amato, L. Rocchetti, F. Beolchini (IT)
Environmental impact assessment of different end-of-life LCD management strategies

N. Picone, G. Candiani, M. Colledani, M. Pepe (IT)
Fine mixture characterization by hyperspectral imaging (hsi) in weee demanufacturing plants

K. Shin, H. Zhou, M. Su (HK)
Regenerate of spent lead paste into submicron lead oxide particles

I. García- Díaz, O. Rodríguez, T. Cebriano, A. López-Fernández, G. Escalante, E. Escudero, P. Fernández, F.A. López (ES)
Synthesis and properties of ZnO from Zn-C spent Batteries

Y. Jang, H. Kim, Y. Hwang (KR)
Management and material flow analysis of waste batteries for resource recovery in South Korea

13:00 – 15:00   Lunch


SESSION C1 – room 7
Circular economy in developing countries
Chair / Presidente: M. Gericke (ZA)

D. Jazani, A. Dimino (GB)
Circular economy towards the sustainable economy, a model proposal for sustainable village through off-grid computing

A. Vázquez Morillas, J.P. Hermoso López-Araiza, M. Beltran Villavicencio, M. Velasco Pérez, R.M. Espinosa Valdemar, A. de la Luz Cisneros Ramos, G.I. González Lopez (MX)
The new way of separation of waste in Mexico City: does it promote valorization?

F. Zambetti, A. Perteghella, M. Vaccari (IT)
Recycling vs. reuse of e-waste: an environmental, economic and social analysis of real case studies in Accra (Ghana)

M. Gericke (ZA)
Development of an e-waste implementation toolkit (EWIT) to support the recycling and secondary raw material recovery strategies in metropolitan areas in Africa

K. Laohalidanond, S. Kerdsuwan (TH)
Strategic waste flow of WEEE for sustainable development in Thailand

J.A. Martínez Sepúlveda, A. Uribe Jongbloed (CO)
Proposal of an inclusive model for the participation of “recyclers” on the implementation of a material recycling facility in Bogotá, D.C., Colombia

13:00 – 15:00   Lunch


SESSION D1 – room 2
Aspetti principali della circular economy in Italia (Italian session)
Chair / Presidente: M.C. Lavagnolo (IT)

F. Girotto, L. Alibardi, R. Cossu (IT)
Stato dell’arte sulla gestione del rifiuto alimentare

L. Rigamonti (IT)
Riutilizzo degli imballaggi in Italia

M.C. Lavagnolo (IT)
La gestione delle acque di rifiuto nel contesto dell’urban mining

M. Favot, L. Grassetti (IT)
Le performance del sistema di raccolta dei RAEE in Italia. Quali fattori ne determinano i risultati?

P. Silingardi (IT)
Applicare il concetto di economia circolare in un esempio win-win

13:00 – 15:00   Lunch