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SESSION A2 – room 5
Aerobic & anaerobic treatment
Chair / Presidente: S. Fiore (IT)

J.F. Saldarriaga, J.E. López, J.L. Gallego, R. Aguado, M. Olazar, G.E. Morales (CO)
Selecting monitoring variables in the composting of municipal solid waste based on principal component analysis

J.F. Saldarriaga, A. Aristizabal, A. Atxutegi, R. Aguado, M. Olazar (CO)
Determination of kinetics parameters for composting process of the organic fraction of municipal solid waste with source separation

I. Noya, S. González-García, S. Feijoo, G. Feijoo, M.T. Moreira (ES)
Innovative technology for organic waste valorisation: anaerobic co-digestion and digestate management as alternative for nutrients recovery

A. Vázquez-Morillas, R.M. Espinosa-Valdemar, X. Quecholac-Piña, P.X. Sotelo- Navarro, S. Ojeda-Benítez, G. Arango-Escorcia (MX)
Comparison of two biological treatments for used baby diapers

F. Demichelis, D. Pleissner, J. Venus, S. Fiore (IT)
Fermentative production of lactic acid and biogas from food waste: preliminary tests

16:40 – 17:20   Coffee Break and Poster Discussion


SESSION B2 – room 6
Innovative metal recovery from WEEE
Chair / Presidente: K. Brunelli (IT)

E.M. Iannicelli-Zubiani, C. Cristiani, G. Dotelli, P. Gallo Stampino (IT)
Recovery of valuable metals from electronic scraps by clays and organo-clays: study on bi-ionic model solutions

A.M. Cardinale, G. Cecchi, S. Di Piazza, C. Carbone, M.G. Mariotti, M. Giovine, M. Zotti (IT)
Mycometallurgy: filamentous fungi for recovering precious metals and rare-earth elements from waste materials

P. Cerchier, M. Dabalà, K. Brunelli (IT)
Green synthesis of Ag and SnO2 nanoparticles from electronic scraps with ultrasounds and microwaves assistance

K. Tsakalakis, A. Benardos, I. Sammas (GR)
Metals recovery from pulverized printed circuit boards (PCBs) by flotation

16:40 – 17:20   Coffee Break and Poster Discussion


SESSION C2 – room 7
Waste management issues important for circular economy
Chair / Presidente: S. Kalambura (HR)

T. Čolan, S. Kalambura, N. Jovičić, E. Kolarec (HR)
Analysis of application of a new paradigm of circular economy and its influence on municipal waste management in the republic of Croatia

J. Soukopová, J. Hřebíček (CZ)
Economic and social aspects of current municipal waste management. case study of landfill tax rise scenarios in the Czech Republic

M. Fedorov, A. Chusov, E. Negulyaeva, M. Romanov, G. Denafas, C. Ludwig (RU)
Ways of Improvement for solid waste management system in Saint-Petersburg based on the morphological composition study

P. Viotti, M. Raboni, V. Torretta (IT)
LCA-based software aimed at limiting the CO2 within an integrated MSW management system

S. Leroi, A. Kahn (BE)
Wet separation techniques (soil washing). From niche recovery to common appli- cation for solid waste recovery

L. Ciacci, F. Passarini (IT)
Potentials for carbon emission savings from recovery of metal losses due to dissipation and inefficient recycling

16:40 – 17:20   Coffee Break and Poster Discussion


SESSION D2 – room 2
Politiche e strategie della circular economy in Italia (Italian session)
Chair / Presidente: M. Soverchia (IT)

F. Bartolacci, A. Paolini, M. Soverchia, E. Zigiotti (IT)
Le imprese nell’economia circolare: alla ricerca di nuovi modelli di business

M. De Biasio (IT)
Dati, idee e partecipazione pubblica come motore dell’economia circolare

E. Confalonieri, D. Cavanna, P. Zerbinati, S. Passoni (IT)
Le politiche regionali di contrasto allo spreco alimentare

R. Cossu, M.C. Lavagnolo, R. Raga (IT)
Il ruolo del final sink nelle strategie di circular economy

16:40 – 17:20   Coffee Break and Poster Discussion