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This year in parallel to traditional oral sessions, we would like to introduce new “networking sessions“, conceived as informal discussion groups where participants can share their own perspectives on a particular topic, policy, research or innovation.

A networking session may be the perfect chance to start working on a good paper (review paper, new scientific contribution or just a communication) to be possibly included in the forthcoming special issue of Waste Management Journal on “Urban Mining and Circular Economy” or a place to develop collaborative relationships in the context of the opportunities offered by Horizon 2020 and the Juncker Commission’s work programme.

Attendance to these sessions will be limited. We kindly ask all interested participants to contact the Organising Secretariat at in order to book their seat.

Here below a list of the Networking Sessions to be included in the Symposium Programme:

D3. Gestione del carbonio nei flussi secondari adottando l’approccio della Circular Economy (Italian Networking Session)
Chair: P. PavanMonday 23rd May, 17:20 / 19:00

D4. Nuova tariffazione come incentivo alla circular economy (Italian Networking Session)
Chair: G. GhiringhelliTuesday 24th May, 09:00 / 10:40

A5. Mining food waste in a urban context
Chair: P. Shaw Tuesday 24th May, 11:20 / 13:00

D5. The Italian framework: case law, recent developments and future perspectives for plastic scraps
Chair: F. Peres – Tuesday 24th May, 11:20 / 13:00

C6. Circular economy – strategies in the different EU countries
Chair: D. SciunnachTuesday 24th May, 15:00 / 16:40

D6. Materials from the recycling of packaging waste: quality and market
Chairs: L. Rigamonti, C. SantellaTuesday 24th May, 15:00 / 16:40

A7.Circular economy and landfill mining: key concepts to exploit waste as new resources
Chair: G. Dino Tuesday 24th May, 17:20 / 19:00

B7. Waste flows as information highways of the circular economy
Chair: M. Bakker – Tuesday 24th May, 17:20 / 19:00

D7. Organic waste management in urban context
Chair: G. SpignoTuesday 24th May, 17:20 / 19:00