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11:20 – 13:00

Chair / Presidente: P. Shaw (GB)

The purpose of this session is to explore and develop connections between re- searchers who focus on or have an interest in management of food waste. This session will emphasize specifically food waste in urban environments, with the following purposes:

  • To identify those aspects of food waste and its management that are of the highest importance in urban settings
  • To establish where and there are connections and interactions between pro- cesses, materials and people with regard to food waste
  • To explore and identify where there is scope to make positive changes in urban food waste management through collaboration.

The session will address food waste in a range of sectors, including (but not re- stricted to): retail suppliers and providers of consumer foods and food products, householders, institutional catering facilities (e.g. schools), and commercial food outlets (e.g. restaurants and cafes).