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17:20 – 19:00

Chair / Presidente: G. Spigno (IT)


  • Strategies for the valorisation of urban and industrial food waste and green waste into new high added value compounds. Feasible and flexible solutions: a real possibility or just a dream?
  • Small scale systems for conversion of urban food and green waste into energy and biochar
  • Biochar from urban food and green waste: potential re-applications in the urban context
  • Socio-economic aspects related to recycling of urban food and green waste


  • To collect opinions and experimental cases on the above topics
  • To define the gaps to be filled for a sustainable and innovative re-cycling of urban food and green waste

Expexted achievements:

  • Creation of a working group for the preparation of a review paper on the session topics
  • Development of new ideas and working groups for definition of project proposals under the EU framework and other funding opportunities