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01_ S.K. Pradhan, R. Jaideva, M. Bagari, K. Kumar (IN)
Investigation into design issues related to development of a scavenging vehicle for Indian railway track waste management

02_ Y. Jiang, Y. Zhang (CN)
Robust optimization on sustainable biodiesel supply chain produced from waste cooking oil under price uncertainty

03_ H.L. Chiang, K.H. Lin (TW)
Removal of volatile organic compounds and dyes by the reused sludge adsorbent

04_ Z. Zhou , G. Dai, C. Zhang , X. Zhang, F. Chen (CN)
Research of automatic disassembly and recycling of windshield of ELV

05_ H.L. Chiang, K.H. Lin (TW)
Pyrolysis characteristics of integrated circuit board from electrical waste and the derivative exhaust control

06_ N. Tsydenova (RU)
Comparing waste treatment options – The example of Toluca region (Mexico)

07_ C. Martínez García, T. Cotes Palomino, R. D. Farias (ES)
Life-cycle assessment, Ceramic materials and waste from olive oil industry

08_ C. Martínez García, T. Cotes Palomino, Fco. De Asís Torres Fernández, J. Martínez Nájera, A.M. Coves Martínez (ES)
Innovation in teaching techniques of materials engineering and waste management

09_ T. Cotes Palomino, C. Martínez García, F.A. Corpas (ES)
Waste of beer brewery and sustainable ceramic

10_ T. Cotes, C. Martínez, A. Díaz, F.J. Iglesias (ES)
Alperujo use as raw material in ceramics

11_ P.M. Sall, H. Antoun, C.J. Beauchamp (CA)
On farm composting of fruit and vegetable waste from grocery stores: a case un- der cold climatic conditions of Eastern Canada

12_ N. Schaeffer, C. Cheeseman, S. Grimes (GB)
Leaching and electrowinning of copper from waste printed circuit boards using an ionic liquid

13_ F. Chen, W. Zhang, B. Yang, J. Ma, J. Lv, Y. Yang (CN)
Enhanced recycling networks of spent batteries from e-bicycle: a case of Xuzhou, China

14_ I. Orko, M. Lundström, P. Kangas, P. Koukkari (FI)
Hydrometallurgical processing of jarosite waste to value-added products

15_ B.C. O’Kelly (IE)
Assessing the shear strength of municipal sludges and residues for landfill dispo- sal

16_ P. Fetsis (BE)
LIFE & circular economy

17_ M. Ragazzi, C. Brescian, E. Girelli, E.C. Rada, M. Schiavon, V. Torretta (IT)
Analysis and measures to improve waste management in schools

18_ E. Ferber, R. Schmidt (DE)
Recovery of metals an alloys from grinding swarf using vacuum thermal desorption