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SUM2016 will last three days and will be organized as follows:

Monday 23rd May – Opening session, parallel oral sessions, networking sessions and poster session
Tuesday 24th May – Parallel oral sessions, networking sessions and poster session
Wednesday 25th May – Guided technical tour at a real scale plant

Poster presentations will be presented in an appropriate session and will be made accessible to Symposium delegates at all times on Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th May.

The Daily Programme and the Programme Overview of the Symposium are available for download.

Oral session Networking session

23rd May

A1. Potentials and limitations in circular economy B1. Strategies for WEEE and spent batteries management C1. Circular economy in developing countries D1. Aspetti principali della circular economy in Italia
(italian session)

23rd May

A2. Aerobic & anaerobic
B2. Innovative metals recovery from WEEE C2. Waste management issues important for circular economy D2. Politiche e strategie della circular economy in Italia
(italian session)
A3. Construction and
demolition waste
B3. Secondary (urban) mining of essential functional metals C3. Advanced biological
D3. Gestione del carbonio nei flussi secondari adottando l’approccio della circular economy

24th May morning

A4. Food waste recycling B4. Plastic recycling C4. Slag & ash recycling D4. Nuova tariffazione come incentivo alla circular economy
A5. Mining food waste in an urban context B5. Urban mining opportunities for different materials C5. Waste architecture & circular economy D5. The Italian framework: case law, recent developments and future perspectives for plastic scraps

24th May afternoon

A6. Landfill mining B6. Urban mining in
wastewater management
C6. Circular economy strategies in the different EU countries D6. Materials from the recycling of packaging waste: quality & market
A7. Circular economy and landfill mining: key concepts to exploit waste as new resources B7. Waste flows as information highways of the circular economy C7. Waste to energy D7. Organic waste
management in urban context
Wednesday 25th May TECHNICAL TOUR