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Montello S.p.A.
Montello SpA is located in the homonymous municipality in Bergamo city (in the North of Italy) in an industrial area of around 450,000 m2, 120,000 of which are indoors and has a staff of about 550. It is ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 18001 and ISO 50001 certified and operates in the two following business activities:
1. sorting, recovering and recycling of 150,000 tons/year of post-consumer plastic packaging waste from separated waste collection, treated and used to produce secondary raw materials in form of PET flakes (separated in colourless, blue and mix colours), HDPE granules, LDPE granules and MIXED POLYOLEFIN granules, as well as manufactured products such as GEOMONT® textured geomembranes used in the construction industry, produced with innovative technologies and a continuous treatment which, starting directly at the HDPE containers (waste), achieves the manufactured product (final product) without interrupting the process.
80% of treated plastic waste is recovered and recycled in secondary raw materials and finished products and the remaining 20%, duly prepared and treated in Montello, goes to cement plants and to blast furnaces as Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF).
2. reatment and recovering of 369.000 tons/year of organic municipal solid waste from separated waste collection. The anaerobic and aerobic treatment has the aim to energy recover the generated biogas in electro-thermal cogeneration groups (12,8 MWe installed) and to produce an high quality organic amendment (compost). Montello SpA is in process of implementing an upgrading system of biogas to produce biomethane for automotive applications and recovery of CO2 suitable to be reused in industrial production cycles, including  food applications.
90% of treated organic waste is recovered and recycled in an high quality fertilizer, electric and thermal energy, biomethane as alternative second generation fuel and CO2 for food applications  and the remaining 10%, duly prepared and treated in Montello, goes to cement plants and to blast furnaces as Solid Recovered Fuels (SRF).
In summary, the treatment and recover activities carried out in Montello allow to reach an “around zero” residual waste. The environmental benefits achieved by both activities can be quantified in terms of 290,000 tons equivalent of CO2 saved.

Montello S.p.A.
Via Fabio Filzi, 5 – 24060 Montello (BG), Italy / Tel. +39 035689111 / Fax +39 035681366 /

Relight Srl
Relight srl is a private company founded in 1999 for the collection and treatment of electrical and electronic equipment waste (WEEE).
Relight is one of the first Italian companies that deals with WEEE and thanks to its great experience is specialized in collection, transport and treatment of electronic waste. Main customers are collective schemes, communities and private companies.
The integrated approach of Relight, that both provides a collection and a full treatment service, gives the customer an efficient service where all the steps are controlled and performed at high quality level (Relight is ISO14001 certificated and EMAS registered since 2005).
Since the beginning the main aim of Relight activities is to close the loop and find solutions for the recycling of the different fractions thatcompose a WEEE, trying to reach the “end of waste” status for critical fractions, such as for example CRT glass and fluorescent powders.
Relight innovative approach is addressed both to new treatment technologies and to new recycling field for waste fractions.
The innovative service offered by Relight is performed in one treatment plant, with a total authorized capacity of 40.000 tons/year, and is devoted to the treatment of different appliances: CRT equipment, fluorescent lamps, small electronic appliances, big white goods.

Relight Srl
Via Lainate 98/100 – 20017 Rho (MI), Italy / Tel. +39 0293180737 / Fax +39 029303510 /